This page is dedicated to Archaeology efforts at Chidliak.

This topic is a highly sensitive area. If a company is going to work in an area with existing local stakeholders, they must develop close community relationship and that involves embracing the local landscape and areas like archaeology. The minute a company equates finding some historic artifacts or important landmarks to a 'headache' is the minute there is a problem.

Peregrine Diamonds have done a very good job in this area at Chidliak and continue to do so and should strive to do so.

Here is a dedicated site to the community on the company website -- Community Section

Here is a socio-economic report from 2014 - 2014 - socio-economic


"Lastly, Peregrine spoke of their efforts to leaving a lasting positive impact on Inuit culture
through the discovery and mapping of archeology sites in the area. Prior to 2009 when Peregrine
began their archeology surveys, there was only one known site in the study area. There are now
56 known and mapped archeology sites. This work by Peregrine has contributed to mapping the
history of the region."

Increasing from 1 known site to 56 known sites is a big boon to the community members in the area.
Later in this same article, you will find that, not only has Peregrine Diamonds located and mapped these sites...but there have been community requests for a tour that includes these sites.

Sometimes it isn't just about finding rock that is 250 million years old...sometimes it is also about finding important items that are 10,000 years.

Here are some key images found at or around Chidliak:

Images -- 2015 presentation (page 10)

Images -- 2014 presentation (pages 29_30_31)

Images -- 2012 presentation (page 25)

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